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Of ecology, safety of a man and nature
Society Restricted Responsibility “NPO ENT”

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NPO ENT Co. was created in year 1991. The main direction of the firm’s activity, for eighteen years, has been a working out and creation of equipment for ultraviolet (UV) decontamination of water, and so air and surfaces “indoor”.

NPO ENT Co. produces high quality and reliable equipment. It is provided by as scientific developers – all Ph.D., as engineers and workers having high qualification. There is self production basis of the firm.

In the way of the Society evolution are increasing different risks for men’s healthy. Water and air had been safety yet for peoples a century ago but now they have offered a danger to them. There are especially dangerous among those risks, namely microbiological ones. They have developed different ways to combat with microbial contamination of the Environment. The most effective among them is a method of disinfection with ultraviolet (UV) irradiation.

Bactericidal effect has irradiation which wavelength is less then 320nm. If UV irradiation arrange in the range 230?280nm its result will be a breaking of DNA repair, and so death of cells. There aren’t exceptions for different kinds of microbes to be killed with UV irradiation in mentioned range: bacteria including spore-forming ones, viruses and microfunges.
Now NPO ENT Co. is being one of leading innovative enterprise in Russian Federation in this technical area.

UV equipment produced by   NPO ENT Co. successfully works on more then 3000 objects in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistani, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries.

UV equipment for water disinfection

Disinfection of water is necessary and latest step of water treatment. UV is able to kill all kinds microbes and to inactivate cists protozoa. It doesn’t form in water any harmful substances during UV treatment, as it take place during chemical treatment with chlorination or ozonization of water. Disinfection with UV irradiation occurs instantly and doesn’t demand any contact reservoirs. So UV disinfection is effective, ecological friendly, reliable and inexpensive method.

NPO ENT Co. produces units with capacity from 0.3 up to 1600 m3/h, whichever match to different kinds of water: drinking water, wastewater and technologic water including sea-water.
The main technical characteristics of units (named UOW) exhibit in the Table 1. The units are used modern UV lamps with lifetime up to 16 000 hours. UOW is completed with a sensor-receiver UV irradiation and a device for auto washing a disinfection’s vat – included in price for capacity 10m3/h and more, but optional to another units. The wastewater units in the Tab. have a sign “C” in its names. In addition to the units in the Table 1 NPO ENT Co. can produce flumed (free-flow) systems for wastewater UV treatment.

In whole a strategy of the firm is a work “for customer” i.e. having a technical task for projecting systems of water treatment before making them.
All equipment for UV treatment produced by NPO ENT Co. has all needed Certificates.

There are different areas in which already are using the drinking water UV equipment produced by NPO ENT Co.:

  1. in food industry, including beer and milk enterprises;
  2. in water treatment systems for schools, preschool institutions, hospitals;
  3. in municipal economy for flats, houses, cottages;
  4. for rail transport, see and river ships.

And so:

  1. on stock-raising farms and poultry factories;
  2. on fish rearing stations;
  3. on vegetable farms;
  4. in reverse water supply;
  5. for water of swimming pools and aqua parks;
  6. for disinfecting of seawater;
  7. for disinfecting of wastewater.

The installations for UV disinfection of water produced by NPO ENT Co. are reliable and handy. The firm realizes boss-mounting, balancing and commissioning works, warranty and after-sales service.

The installations for UV disinfections air and surfaces “indoor”

UV radiation has a bactericidal effect on all types of microorganisms, including mould and yeast fungi, in air and on surfaces.
For decontamination of air in compartments which volume is from 50m3 up to 2000m3 NPO ENT Co. produces UV recirculation units UDA (Unit for Disinfection of Air). The recirculation unit is a metal trunk with UV irradiators and fans. Air, passing through the recirculation unit, receives a required dose of UV irradiation. UDA are different number and power of UV irradiators and capacity of fans in dependence on size of premises. There are used UV lamps in UDA with and without producing of ozone. In this connection, UDA can be operated in presence or in absence of people in the rooms, respectively.

The recirculation unit which is able to produce of ozone should operate to decontaminate air and surfaces, to destruction of odors, to get rid of insects. This unit is provided a timer and operated in absence of people in a room.

Table 2 is shown the key technical parameters recirculation units production NGOs ENT. UDA produced by NPO ENT Co. are using:

  • in health care institutions — hospitals, dental centers, clinics, sanatoriums;
  • in the sports complexes;
  • in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • in the manufacture of soft drinks and low alcohol drinks;
  • in milk, meat, fish processing industry;
  • in livestock and poultry complexes;
  • in storage of meat, poultry, dairy and horticultural products.

NPO ENT Co. — designs and manufactures UV irradiation units in order to disinfect surfaces of products on conveyor lines.
The company also designs and manufactures UV sections for input-and-extract ventilation systems, (in particular for health care, including antituberculous institutions). The customer sets requirements for capacity, efficiency and cross section of the ventilation channel.

NPO ENT Co.uses advanced UV lamps with a large (up to 12 000 hours) for a period of service. UV lamps can be always purchased at the firm. Specialists of NGOs carry out warranty and after-sales maintenance of equipment.

There are all necessary Certificates for equipment produced by NPO ENT Co.